Mystery of Haunster

Mystery of Haunster is an original project being created by Zhenjiang AIM Culture Technology Co., Ltd., which is an adventure theme anime about children's mental health, mainly for young children aged 3-8. The original intention of the animation is to let children bravely face the ordinary fears of daily life, actively change some of their not so good habits and small character defects, and let children reinvent themselves better in adventures again and again.

 The story of Mystery of Haunster has a double world, the real world and the fantasy world, in the fantasy world there are various forms of dream monsters representing fear, and there are elves who protect the child's heart, and children must cooperate with the elves in the fantasy world to defeat those monsters that represent fear, shortcomings and bad habits, so that their souls can grow.

In December 2022, the Mystery of Haunster project successfully completed the project signing ceremony with Zhenjiang Dayu Creative Technology Development Co., Ltd. at the Yangtze River Delta High-tech Audio-visual Expo.

From August 18, 2023, Mystery of Haunster has been broadcast on Youku, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, Film and Television, and more than 40 local IPTV platforms across the country.

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