Dino Detective Agency

Dino Detective Agency is a children's popular animation jointly produced by Suzhou Leaping Dolphin Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Aola Animation Technology Co., Ltd., the original intention of the film is to lead children to travel the internal world, let them understand their bodies, so as to develop good living habits.

Dino Detective Agency tells the story of the little dinosaur Starfire and his partner who started a detective agency. Whenever children send for help, they will transform into superheroes and ride a mini spaceship to enter the child's body world to rescue. Dinosaur detectives look for clues in this colorful human world, help children recover their health while popularizing various health knowledge. 

Dino Detective Agency has been shortlisted for the 2022 International<Nanjing> Cartoon-Animation Venture Capital Conference, the 2022 International Animation Game Business Conference and Animation IP Design Venture Capital Competition.

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