Company Introduction

Suzhou AoLa Animation Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2014, is a cultural enterprise with the content services as the core. The core production group of AoLa consists of those who have worked on global projects and presently conduct planning, development, production of high quality content. We have completed a large number of domestic and foreign 3D animation products such as Monkey King: Hero is Back, Nezha, Into the West, Beyond the Ocean etc. Meanwhile, we also actively develop our own original projects. The original works available now are Angry Kittens, Sagacious Cat, the Talented Guests, Kiki&Nuna. These are novel and diverse works involving elements like Moe culture, Qing tour, two dimensions, children education and artificial intelligence and so on. AoLa attaches great importance to cross-border cooperation and has reach agreements with many leading enterprises of all areas on developing the potential IPs together. 


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