Shining Girls

Originally produced by Suzhou Aola Animation Technology Co., Ltd., Shining Girls is an animated film for girls and children aged 7-13, which combines action, rock and roll, adventure, marine bioscience, environmental protection and teamwork to help the audience understand a variety of interesting knowledge about the ocean and the infinite charm of teamwork. The overall style is mainly soft, dreamy and feminine, not only with the character setting of girls transforming into graceful mermaids, but also with some gorgeous and exquisite accessories, which enhances the attractiveness of the characters and lays a good foundation for the development of back-end industries. 

Shining Girls tells the story of the mermaid girl Xia Ling who saves Mei Duo and Lu Ran, two human girls who are in crisis with the formation of the band. The like-minded trio hit it off and formed the band "Shining Girls". On the road of music, they practice hard and overcome difficulties; On the road of youth growth, they understood each other, supported each other, made progress together, and finally realized their respective self-worth and musical dreams.

In August 2022, Shining Girls was shortlisted for the 2022 International <Nanjing> Cartoon-Animation Venture Capital Conference Support Project. At present, the project is in production, and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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