The Adventures of Ludang

The Adventures of Ludang is jointly produced by Suzhou Leaping Dolphin Culture Media Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Aola Animation Technology Co., Ltd. It is a key recommended project by the National Radio and Television Administration. The creative team tried to change the stereotype of red theme documentary, and from the perspective of contemporary children, it used children to tell revolutionary stories in a way that was more interesting and easier for children to accept.

The Adventures of Ludang tells the story of Xiaoyin, who is addicted to Western superhero comics, and accidentally learns that her grandmother was a hero of the War of Resistance, and her story is recorded in a villain book. But Xiaoyin, who was unimpressed, abandoned the book aside. Until one day grandmother was seriously ill and comatose, he opened the book, and at that moment he was sucked into the world of villain books, under the guidance of the master of the book world - the little bookworm Shasha, Xiaoyin began a fantastic journey to find his grandmother and explore the story of his grandmother's war of resistance...

The Adventures of Ludang has been supported by the National Radio and Television Administration in 2021 key animation projects, Jiangsu Provincial Radio and Television Administration 2021 key animation projects, and the second batch of 2021 International <Nanjing> Cartoon-Animation Venture Capital Conference, the National Radio and Television Administration recommended excellent works in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the excellent cartoons of the 2022 Jiangsu Youman Cup and other honors.

In November 2021, The Adventures of Ludang premiered on Shanghai Toonmax TV, and in January 2022, it was launched on video websites such as Tencent, iQIYI, and Youku, and was broadcast on OTT platforms such as Huawei, Coocaa, TCL, Funshion, and JMGO at the same time. Up to now, it has been broadcast on more than 50 local IPTV and DVB across the country.

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