Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared

Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared(图1)

Based on the current industrial base of Jiangsu, the Expo will exhibit a batch of advanced and demonstrative cases for promoting trans-boundary and integrated development of cultural and creative industry, and at the same time radiate to other creative industries of the same type in China, and promote creative exchange and collision through professional and systematic exhibition and linkage, thus to provide new cases and build new Benchmarks for high-quality development of creative design and cultural industry.

Suzhou Ao La Animation attended this exhibition and showcased its' original works and demo reel of previous production services. 

Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared(图2) 

Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared(图3)

Ao La's Booth

At 9 o'clock, the exhibition opened its gate to the audience. The piggy Kiki from our original word Kiki and Nuna attracted people's attention. Many people took photos with Kiki. 

Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared(图4)

Everyone wants to hug the cute Kiki

Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared(图5)

Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared(图6)

Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared(图7)

Heavily surrounded by fans. 

Super Cute! Piggy Kiki appeared(图8) 

Kiki also introduced himself to the audience.

Welcome everyone to visit our booth at the EXPO and befriend Kiki.

Our booth is E3-11. 

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