Kiki & Nuna 2

Kiki & Nuna is a series of animation works created by Suzhou Aola Animation Technology Co., Ltd. and distributed by Medialink Group Limited. The animation starts from the perspective of children and tells the story of six children living in a small town, combined with the psychological growth trajectory of children. They are curious little pig Kiki, helpful little elephant Nuna, book-loving little lamb Mumu, naughty little chicken Cici, lazy little panda Popo, and dress-loving little rabbit Nini. In their daily lives, they encounter various problems, such as emotional problems between friends, safety issues in life, behavioral norms in dealing with others, and scientific principles in the wonderful world. When they encounter problems that they cannot solve, they call on the robot XiaoYou. With the help of XiaoYou,  the children will grow up healthily in happiness.

The second season of  Kiki & Nuna continues the original intention and mission of accompanying children to grow up happily, with the theme of behavior habits, helping children develop good behavior habits in a relaxed and happy atmosphere, closely combining emotional education and animated stories, and promoting the comprehensive development of children's morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and aesthetics. In order to bring a better viewing experience to children, the creative team has upgraded and optimized the character setting, prop scene, and other aspects. The overall use of bright and colorful colors, fresh and sweet style, high-cute and pleasing character image, creates a pleasant atmosphere and brings a warm feeling to the audience. The innocent childishness is about to emerge, and the fun conveys warm companionship, which is believed to leave a deeper impression on the audience.

In 2022, Kiki & Nuna 2 won the Jiangsu Broadcasting and Television Bureau's boutique support project, the Jiangsu Province Excellent Cartoon Cup for 2022, and was ranked among the top 10 new projects that the industry is looking forward to and the top 10 new projects that buyers prefer at the Cloud Animation and Game Industry Trade Fair.


On June 6, 2023, Kiki and Nuna 2 premiered on CCTV Children's Channel. Subsequently, it was successively landed on local TV stations in various provinces and cities, and successively broadcast on TV stations such as Xuzhou, Inner Mongolia, Jingmen in Hubei, and Zhaoqing in Guangdong, gaining the love of many children. On July 10, Tencent Video, Youku Video, iQiyi, Mango TV, Bilibili, AcFun, BesTV, Children's Song Duoduo and other online platforms were launched. In addition, from mid-July, "Kiki and Nuna 2" will also be launched in various aviation media, the first batch of online aviation media include: Hainan Airlines, Capital Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Western Airlines, Guilin Airlines, Urumqi Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, etc. More broadcast platforms, continuous updates, stay tuned!



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