Golf garden communityfilm show

On 25 January, 2019, we held a children’s activity about our animated TV series Kiki and Nuna in community activity room of the Golf Garden Community.

This activity was warmly welcomed by the families in the Golf Garden Community.

There were cheers and laughter through the activity, which made this winter warmer and more joyful. 

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We decorated the activity room elaborately, so as to create a better environment for children to watch the cartoon.

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The activity leader Ms ZHOU introduced our company—Aola Animation and our original animated TV series Kiki and Nuna to children and the parents present.
The children watched three episodes of Kiki and Nuna in total. They enjoyed the stories and greatly amused by the animal images in the cartoon.


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Ms ZHOU also invited some children to share their feelings after watching Kiki and Nuna. The naught Cici and the greedy Popo are favored mostly. Besides the main characters, the scientific principle like the eclipse phenomenon could be retold by the children after watching the stories.

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Kiki and Nuna is Aola’s first original animated TV series, which focuses on children's education. As a result after watching cartoon, we prepared several little experiments on the scientific principles. Children had done their works successfully with their excellent hands-on skills and detailed guidance. Teaching through lively activities is our main concept. Let children get a better understanding of knowledge by doing experiments themselves.

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Some of our little audience was happy to take photos with our characters Kiki and Nuna after the activity. We wish the joy that cartoon brings to children can be long lasting and unforgettable. Greatly thanks to the Golf Garden Community for providing such a comfortable and warm place, we are now full of confidence and plan to hold more meaningful activities in the coming 2019.

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