Mission to build Disneyland

December 7, 2018

It was a cold moring with rain and snow

While our mascot “Wukong” was still in its sleep,

the Aola family had been on the way to the Shanghai Disneyland

Mission to build Disneyland(图1)

Mission to build Disneyland(图2)

Here we are!

We arrived at the fairy tale world with our familiar friends

 Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Snow White and so on.

Mission to build Disneyland(图3)

The group photo of Aola family

Mission to build Disneyland(图4)

Disneyland is the paradise for children 

as well as for adults.

Although the weather was really terrible,

we greatly enjoyed ourselves there.

Nothing can stop our passion.

Mission to build Disneyland(图5)

Soaring Over the Horizon--Take off aboard an exhilarating flight where you can witness the wonders of the world as never before!

Mission to build Disneyland(图6)

TRON Lightcycle Power Run-- Sync the pedal to moto-metal while twisting, turning and riding for your life in the cyber-fi world of TRON  

Mission to build Disneyland(图7)

Pirates of the Caribbean-- Ahoy! Join Captain Jack’s swashbuckling band of buccaneers for a monster-meeting, treasure-seeking, high-seas adventure!

flower parade

Mission to build Disneyland(图8)

 romantic merry-go-round

Mission to build Disneyland(图9)

eye-dazzling fireworks

Mission to build Disneyland(图10)

The time we have together is always happy but short.

And it was time to say goodbye to Disney

What an unforgettable journey!

Let’s keep our unquenchable enthusiasm for 

both life and work.

Thanks for Aola

Thanks for the happy memory!

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